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“Have the whole world in view – Korea” Overseas Exchange Programme

The DST of YWCA organized an exchange programme to Korea starting from 27 July 2017. The programme aims to facilitate young people to have an in-depth self-exploration and to learn the cultural similarities and differences between Korea and Hong Kong. The programme is of three phases, including a pre-trip training camp, an overseas exchange programme and a review meeting. Although the overseas exchange tends to be considered as the main event for outbound activities, the pre-trip training camp and review meeting are of equal importance. The former allows the youth participants to understand the programme goals, to enhance self-understanding, as well as to learn the relationship between outbound travelling and life-career development while the latter provides a platform for youth participants to consolidate what they have learnt during the exchange programme and to reflect on their life-career development plan.

In view of the fact that tourism has always been popular with young people, and it also consists of similar elements with life-career development, the DST of YWCA will invest more resources into organising overseas exchange programmes. By encouraging young people to join the outbound travelling programmes, the DST hopes to facilitate young people to complete their four-pillar journey, including engagement, self-understanding, career pathway exploration and career planning & management, as well as to map out their own career plan.

Young people created their “Have the whole world in view – Korea" poster together.
Youth participants were developing mutual understanding through participating in an ice-breaking game.
Youth participants took a picture together.
The DST introduced adventurous elements into the pre-trip training camp for facilitating participants to learn teamwork.
Mr Foster Lam, the Team Leader of the DST of YWCA, shared his view about overseas travelling with youth participants.
The 17 youth participants started their adventure in Seoul on 27 July at 8am
Sharing on Dream Pursuing: Pinky, who came from Hong Kong to set up a hostel, shared her bitter and sweet dream-pursuing story to youth.
Youth pluck up their courage and made a breakthrough – Performing street dance at Hongdae
Personal Image Experiential Activity: Exploring how Koreans define beauty – Taking I.D. photos in the Korean way
Korea in the eyes of their people — Street Interviews at Ewha Womans University
Personal Image Experiential Activity: Experiencing Korean makeup
Daily Review and Personal Reflection: Learning to appreciate each other and work together as a team to solve the difficulties encountered in the journey
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