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The DST of HKCS – Event Summary of September 2017

The DST of HKCS had launched a four-session workshop on child-parent relationship in August and September 2017. The workshop taught parents ways to improve and strengthen their relationship with children by encouraging them to participate in activities about mindfulness and learn how to leave worries behind. Participants learnt some useful communication tips, including the impact on child-parent relationship that emotions can bring about, which help deepen their self-understanding and inspire them to explore ways to accompany their children in the journey of career and life planning. Moreover, workers encouraged participants to share their own experience and thoughts with others. The support and encouragement have also cheered up each other and build up a support network for parents.

During the workshop, participants were asked to hold the water bottle with one hand and all had found it difficult to continue their discussion. The little challenge taught them to leave worries behind and adjust their pace of life from time to time.
There was cheer-up session each time to help strengthen the bonding of the group. Each participant would select a colour stone for appreciating themselves; they would also send it to others as a gift.
Participants introduced themselves through drawing. They all learnt that sufficient time given for both listener and speaker is one of the crucial factors contributing to effective communication.
By making unique handicrafts, participants tried to find out their own character strengths. They were also encouraged to value themselves although they are used to appreciate their children.
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