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The DST of ELCHK – Event Summary of August 2017 and Special Event Promotion

The DST of ELCHK – Event Summary of August 2017 and Special Event Promotion

Maxim’s One-Day Experiential Programme:

In order to increase youth’s understanding of the catering industry, the DST of ELCHK has specially organised a one-day experiential programme with Maxim’s. In addition to understanding the working culture of the Maxim’s and the Japanese catering industry, the young people were also provided with an opportunity to experience the Japanese food production process. After the end of the programme, the participants were given the sushi they made for sharing with their family and friends.


Radio drama dubbing:

The event was divided into two days. During the event, the youth participants showed their interest in dubbing and shared their experience in joining activities that are related to voices, such as radio programmes, dubbing competitions, singing and so on, enabling the DST to design the programme according to their interests. The DST arranged the youth participants for dubbing the dialogue they have written up, so as to provide an opportunity for them to improvise and unleash their skills on dubbing and creation.


Advanced Micro-film Production Class:

The DST invited a radio host and a director from Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) to teach young people micro-film production techniques, allowing them to learn and practice the skills of film-making ranging from planning, selection of locations, the use of the lens, casting, shooting, post-production and editing, etc. With guests sharing their professional advice during real practice, young people were able to have a thorough look at the micro-film production process.


“Once upon a time” Collecting Life Stories through Oral History – Invitation to teachers

“Once upon a time”, is the standard opening remarks of oral history. This time, both you and I can be the storyteller! The DST is going to hold a life story collection programme, encouraging local people of different backgrounds, ages, classes and even living areas to share their life stories with the medium of oral history! The DST would like to extend the invitation to all teachers. If you are a teacher, please be encouraged to join us and listen to young people of their views and expectations towards their life-career development. Let’s talk together and listen to youth’s life stories!


Macau X Performing Arts Enlightenment Tour:

“Let’s have a closer look at the performing arts development in Macau!” Seeing that performing arts has been developed steadily in Macau, the service team decided to bring young people to Macau for watching “The Improvisational Theatre” and “The House of Dancing Water”. In addition, young people also visited the arts performing venues and listened to the sharing of full-time artists on their life-career stories. By joining the tour, youth participants have gained more understanding of performing arts.


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