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Dream Night Party – Fight for Future

“Ding!” When the bell rang, it reminded boxers that it’s time to show what they had practised over the past few months. On 23 September 2017, three young people from the DST of YWCA spent a night with other youth who were from DEF Boxing and CROSS boxing on pursuing their dreams. Their background and experience might vary from each other, but the dream that they all have, which is participating in a boxing match, helped hold them together.

“Fight for Future”, an event organised by the DST of YWCA, aims at encouraging boxers to exercise their skills through joining boxing training and participating in competitions. The training had given boxers a hard time as they were required to train and enhance their skills in boxing, and more importantly, to hone their perseverance and fighting spirit. The intensive and compact training might sometimes make boxers flinch and consider giving up. But if they could get through the training, the satisfaction that they could gain is just incomparable.

After all hard work and preparation, it was time for them to take the field. There were five matches on that day; the first four were played by eight young people representing the red and blue corners while the last one had invited an active amateur boxer and a former professional boxer to join the match. Lastly, the boxers and Ms Sandy Lam, Hong Kong’s first female boxer, shared their experience towards pursuing the dream of boxing. Sandy also encouraged the audience to keep fighting for their dreams.

On that day, young people from the DST actively participated in the event. Apart from some being the boxers, the others were in positions like timekeeper, bell-ringer, assistant to the boxer, master of the ceremony, event photographer, and food preparation staff. “Four Days”, a women dancing team based in Tung Chung was invited to be the guest performer; their dancing performance had also lightened up the atmosphere. By organising the event, the DST hopes to offer a stage on which young people are allowed to demonstrate what they have learnt and learn more about their own strengths and weaknesses, so as to better get themselves ready for the future.

It is also hoped that boxers can keep fighting for their future with their dogged determination and good morale.

The boxers had prepared for a long time to fight for their dreams!
Boxers showed respect and appreciation to each other despite they were opponents in the game.
Everyone was cheering for the boxers!
Professional boxer Sandy Lam and amateur boxer Lennon Choi shared their stories and encouraged young people to keep on pursuing for their dreams.
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