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The DST of BGCA – Event Summary of September 2017

The DST of BGCA thanks Mr. Pong Yat Ming for inviting young people who are of other racial background to attend the “Live-Voice Library” event organised by the Women’s Foundation and shared their bits and pieces regarding live-career development with local young people. Kawal, an Indian descendent, shared the challenges that he faced when learning Chinese. Eliza, a Nepalese descendent, talked about the discrimination that her friends had encountered. Two Nepalese young people, Zack and Sky, are passionate about music and have faith in themselves to become professional music producers one day. They believe that getting a place in the university is not the only way to build their future, what is more important is to live their dreams!

The audiences were deeply touched by the youth’s sharing, they were also impressed by the confidence that youth had demonstrated in pursuing their dreams. They learnt that even though there is a lack of resources, one’s dogged determination and perseverance can help them in getting through the obstacles and reaching their goals finally.

In order to reduce the cost of learning music production, Zack and Sky were searching for free self-learning materials from the internet. Up till they have reached a certain level of basic knowledge, they hired a professional coach for one-on-one training. Zack and Sky have also set up their own YouTube Channel – “Unfold Wings” for sharing their music and performance videos with others. In pursuance of their music dreams, they have also performed at CLAP events for many times. These performance opportunities allowed them to accumulate skills and experience, including the effective use of social media to promote music, the active sharing of their achievements with others, taking the initiative to reach out to different partners to promote their own band and music, overcoming performance constraints and solving emergencies. Zack and Sky hope that more people will be attracted by the music produced by their band “Unfold Wings”.

Eliza can speak fluent Cantonese. She often listens to and encourages people around her, believing that giving someone a piece of support can help them get through their hard time. She believes that people will encounter many frustrations in their pursuit of goals, and if people are able to share their setbacks with others, they will not only help themselves but may also receive unexpected opportunities. Introduced by CLAP, Eliza got an opportunity to work in a boxing house. Eliza once shared with social workers that she had never imagined that she could have the opportunities to meet with so many local young people and employers from different industries, and have a chance to perform on stage and share her dreams with the audiences. The success and satisfaction she got from the stage were enormous. In the future, she hopes to develop a serious leisure on play-writing, and extending the connection with different groups and individuals will give her a stronger network to explore more possibilities and opportunities.

With the change in language policy in Hong Kong’s examination system, Kawal has successfully admitted to the Faculty of Arts of the University of Hong Kong with excellent results in the General Certificate of Education (GCE) and various subjects in HKDSE. Although Kawal is able to speak fluent Cantonese, she still cannot deal with the traditional Chinese language exam, especially on the modules of reading and writing. If Hong Kong’s language policy on education could not keep abreast of the rapid development in the society and have revision or modification according to the characteristics of students of other racial backgrounds, her journey to tertiary education will become even more difficult. The DST believes that making changes in social policies and measures are definitely important to build a foundation for supporting the development of ethnic minorities.

To have a better understanding of the youth’s situation, the audiences raised many questions, such as how did they overcome the difficulties they encountered and pursued their dreams, and how their families supported and encouraged them throughout the journey. During the event, the youth and the audiences shared their dreams and encouraged each other to keep fighting for it. They also discussed on how an enabling community can facilitate young people to actualise their life-career dreams. The DST of BGCA hopes that in the future, more Hong Kong people will be able to learn about the dreams of non-engaged youth and youth with different racial backgrounds, create a supportive and enabling environment for them to unleash their talents and potentials by helping them to connect with other people and the community, offer them the opportunities to exert their competences and developing positive beliefs in the society.

“Unfold Wings”, a band developed by Zack and Sky, played three songs for the audiences at the event.
Eliza shared her dreams and how she supports her friends with the audiences.
Kawal shared the journey that she had of getting admitted to her favourite university.
The DST of BGCA thanked Mr. Pang Yat Ming for inviting young people from CLAP to attend the “Live-Voice Library” event sponsored by the Women's Foundation.
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