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“Adventure for Youth” Experiential Activity

The DST of HKCYS has recruited a group of youth in this summer to join the “Adventure for Youth” activity. The youth adventurers have experienced four essential stages in their career and life planning journey, namely Engagement, Self-Understanding, Career & Pathway Exploration, and Career Planning & Management, during the six-day high and low event challenge training session.

The activity began with trying the low event challenge training. Youth adventurers were able to learn adventure knowledge and skills while social workers would take this as a golden chance to encourage them to obtain coaching qualifications. Adventurers were able to deepen their self-understanding, find their interests and own strengths apart from expanding their knowledge in the field of adventure. Upon completing the low event challenge training session, adventurers were invited to take up the challenge to take the high event activity. It is hoped that the activity can help cultivate participants’ positive and optimistic attitudes towards taking up new challenges, overcoming difficulties, and setting up feasible goals.

The DST supports youth in all its possible ways. An adventure company was invited to offer job tasting opportunities that give youth the space to assist the coach. Advice and feedback would also be given to them after the programme. We hope that the youth participants can continue exploring their interests, and turning them into a “serious leisure” or vocational career in the future.

Youth adventurers formed groups to learn different ice-breaking activities.
They also learned how to hold an activity safely from the perspectives of “briefing”, “leading”, and “debriefing”. They are now familiar with the job duties, skills, and attitudes required for being an adventure coach.
Youth challenged the high event activity and have set goals for developing their serious leisure.
Youth also learned about the precautions to ensure participants’ safety.
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