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The DST of BGCA – Event Summary of December 2017

Together with VolTra and Eastern Vision, the CLAP team organized a 6-day voluntouring trip to Cambodia. Through a series of screening and training, selected young people finally went to Cambodia to serve local charitable organizations and experience the unique culture and beautiful scenery there. In line with the concepts of the CLAP project and the vision of VolTra, our pre-trip training had equipped CLAP teens with the skills and attitudes that could help them to provide volunteer services in Cambodia. We have had reunion and review after returning to Hong Kong where our young participants plan to share their experience and learnings with the community.

Hin described this voluntouring trip eye-opening, which has brought him to a far away and strange enough country, engaged him in volunteer services, enabled him to chat with folks from Japan and Mexico and learned from a school master on the abilities, attitudes, and skills required to run a non-profit organization. Hin said that it surprised him that one of his behaviours that was once negatively labelled turned into a useful tool.  He used to watch Japanese music videos on YouTube and was called “chav” by his parents. Yet it was exactly because he was able to sing a Japanese song he learned from YouTube with the Japanese international students, cultural barriers exist no more. 

Dora is studying early childhood education and she aspires to become a kindergarten teacher. This trip enabled her to teach Cambodian children. In reflection Dora felt very joyful when interacting with them. She found that unlike kids in Hong Kong, Cambodian children were easily satisfied. But in Hong Kong, our youngsters are loaded with academic as well as extracurricular activities. The trip has motivated Dora to be more determined in becoming an early childhood educator to achieve her values.

Suki shared that she felt lucky to be selected. Albeit missing the initial training, with her good performance and passion she managed to obtain a ticket to Cambodia. At first Suki didn’t set any objectives. Yet this experience has brought to her lots of amazement. “Simple is beautiful,” said Suki. Since Suki felt fully energized after the trip and is now ready to move towards to pursue her dream: becoming a flight attendant.

CLAP teens made student desks and chairs for a charitable organization.
After assembling and stabilizing work, teens started polishing the wood desks.
Dora, who has never done any wood work, gained confidence in accepting new challenges from this volunteer experience.
CLAP teens were teaching English to Cambodian children.
Hin was interested in sharing with his Japanese counterpart.
Suki was enjoying the cooking challenge activity.
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