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BGCA Career and Life Adventure Planning Service Team (Kowloon East) Youth Photography Team – Learning to Grow through Photography

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In the past two years, the BGCA Career and Life Adventure Planning Service Team (Kowloon East) has offered photography services to more than 10 companies and organizations. The support from these organizations is undoubtedly a kind of recognition to the youth. They are not only given a platform to unleash their potential, but have also grasped the opportunity to experience turning interest into their career.

It is not easy to take a good photo, and it is even more difficult to become a professional photographer. The service team collaborated with professional photographers in launching the programme which helps enhance youth’s knowledge in photography and responsibilities for taking up the role. They would be asked to take good care of the equipment and arrive at the event venue on time; they would also learn to get in touch with different people to improve their communication skills, as well as their problem solving skills. When they have gained enough experience and mastered the skills and techniques, they would take up the role of team leader or assistant coach. It was hoped that each shooting experience can bring members with new exposure and they could have equipped themselves with skills and attitudes required in different work settings.

The youth photography team would also participate in different kinds of voluntary work such as taking photos for the elderly and the low-income family. It was believed that youth could cultivate and strengthen their values, attitudes, skills, and knowledge (VASK) required for being a photographer by joining all these activities. One of the elderly participants even told the team members that he wishes to use the photos taken by them for his funeral; the members were stunned and did not even say any word. Later, they realized the value empowered by photography in the sense that photos can bring happiness to people and they also leave memories for them.

The Team was invited by the Hitachi Group to join their company event.
A NGO invited the Team to take photos for their event.
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