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The DST of BGCA – Event Summary

Hong Kong Cyclothon

Ten youth from the DST of BGCA participated in the Hong Kong Cyclothon organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board in October 2017. To be an event staff, they had to get up early and set off in midnight from Ngau Tau Kok. They helped to control crowd flow, maintain order, and ensure road safety by stationing in different locations of the Eagle’s Nest Tunnel. All of them felt extremely excited and honoured to participate in this spectacular event; they even became the members of the cheering team and cheered for the cyclists, especially for local riders.

After the game, young people who were the first time to serve as huge event staff members reflected upon this unpaid work experience and said that it is important to learn from the experienced staff and to consider more about the needs of the participants. They had also witnessed quite a number of cyclists who were trying to finish the race despite they were physically and mentally challenged. They have learned that along their life journey, there are always challenges and problems, persistence and hard work are the keys to overcome, and achieving success by their efforts is just full of satisfaction.

Wheel Thing Makers

The youth visited the studio of Wheel Thing Makers and were given the chance to learn from experts who are fond of bicycles. They not only unleashed their creativity, but also learned about the innovative mode of running a business in our society. Mr Gary Chan, the pioneer in making upcycling bicycles in Hong Kong, shared the journey of his team to our youth, including how to design and produce an “electric three-wheeled trolley” which uses electric screwdriver as a kinetic energy and the gear wheel as a driving force to provide extra force for the bicycle. Our youth just couldn’t wait to start making their own bicycle after learning the underlying principles. They also learnt about other upcycled cycling products such as Cargobike and bicycles designed for grinding coffee.

Young people demonstrated teamwork with experienced staff.
Despite the preparation work starting in the midnight, young people felt excited and honoured to participate in the event.
Young people started making the “electric three-wheeled trolley”.
Upcycling product: Cargobike
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