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“Say YES to Work” Career Expo 2018

YWCA Career and Life Adventure Planning Service Team (HK & Outlying Islands) organized a career planning and summer job expo in Sheung Wan Civic Centre on 15 June 2018. Over 10 companies participated in the expo and offered over 4,000 vacancies. Besides recruitment, work experiential activities and career talks were also popular among participants. The guest instructors of work experiential activities not only shared their expertise, but also talked about how they got into the industry. Speakers with different professions such as travel blogger, mystery shopper, streamer and illustrator were invited to share their stories on how to pursue their dreams. Their sharing has enlightened youth to realize the importance of persistence in overcoming obstacles when pursuing dreams.

A brand new programme was offered to participants to taste the real working environment for five days as a summer job experience. It was the first time that participating companies were using CV360 as one of the interview tools. In accordance to traditional recruitment process, employers give much weight on candidates’ work experience and educational attainment. CV360 is a brand new CV which allows applicants to list out their paid and unpaid work experience as informed by the concept of Expanded Notion of Work (ENOW). It also helps employers understand the applicants’ Values, Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge (also known as VASK), so as to arrange appropriate job positions for them and to ensure that their talent is seen and their potential is fully realized.

There were over 10 companies participating in the internship programme, contributing to over 100 summer job opportunities. Some of them were opportunities that are not common in the summer job market like mystery shoppers, graphic designers and child care workers. Before joining the interview, the youth were invited to join a CV360 workshop organized by the DST, in which they explored their VASK by revisiting their paid and unpaid work experience and learned how to apply their VASK in the workplace. The requirements of VASK for each position are listed out so that participants could know more about the job and apply the one that matches with their own VASK. Through joining the programme, the youth participants were able to enhance their understanding towards the real workplace, and they could also develop a deeper understanding about themselves, which might help them plan their future.

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