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ELCHK Career and Life Adventure Planning Service Team (New Territories West) Multi-Media Work Attachment Programme

By adopting video shooting and photography as the major themes while semi-structured and workplace learning as the intervention approaches, the Multimedia Work Attachment Programme has attracted youth to explore more in the filming industry, which helps broaden their career options and build up relevant Values, Skills, Attitudes and Knowledge (VASK). Individual counselling and small group activities were organized to help youth consolidate the experience gained throughout the programme; 24 character strengths from positive psychology was adopted to enhance their self-understanding; and work attachment programme was arranged so that they could get to know the real workplace and consider if the industry matches their own values and whether they fit the job. The consolidated transferable skills can be applied to different life situations that youth might encounter and archive in their own CV360 for building up their career identity.

Youth who are intersted in filming and photography were welcome to join the programme. The programme was consisted of four parts.

Part 1: Engagement

Semi-structured learning workshops were organized for a better understanding on the skills and knowledge required in filming and photography. Participants were also encouraged to continuously participate in career related activities.

Part 2: Pathway Exploration

Mentors were arranged for each youth and they could experience filming and shooting during work attachment. They were expected to pick up career information from their mentors through the exposure in workplace learning.

Part 3: Self-Understanding

Through individual counselling or group sharing, youth were able to consolidate their experiences in various learning and exploration activities. Their self-understanding particularly in relation to Values, Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge (VASK), could also be enhanced.

Part 4: Career Planning and Management

Activities in this part enable youth to get to know the industry and help promote their career decision making, as the activities offered information for them to consider whether they were equipped with suitable skills and competence. To have better preparation for future job searching, social workers would support them to review their experiences and develop their own CV360. Mentors would also accompany them along their career development journey and provide support and guidance whenever necessary.

The trainees were introduced the functions of equipment and the techniques.
Under the guidance of the instructor, trainees learned to use the equipment.
Trainees followed the instructions to conduct outdoor shooting, and learned to shoot from different angles.
Trainees got the chance to practice how to interview guests and take pictures.
The professionalism of the crew was appreciated by the conference participants.
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