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ELCHK Career and Life Adventure Planning Service Team (New Territories West) – Joining the International Conference

Project YOU CAN – Youth CLP x AAT x NP is a programme which adopts animal-assisted therapy and narrative practice as the intervention methods; it allows youth to experience the four pillars as informed by the Youth Development and Intervention Framework (YDIF) and build the relevant competencies. The Project is supported by the Hong Kong Baptist University, of which it also participated in the co-research. The research findings had been presented in different local conferences, and the team also went overseas to share the practice of YDIF recently.

In July 2018, Prof. Victor Wong, Principal Investigator (Community) of CLAP for Youth @ JC, Dr. Sharon Leung, Investigator of CLAP for Youth @ JC, Mr. Jack Chiu, Manager of ELCHK Service Team (New Territories West), and Ms. Debbie Ngai, Founder and Service Director of the Hong Kong Animal Assisted Therapy Association (HKAATA), attended and shared in the International Society for Anthrozoology Conference organized by The International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ) at the University of Sydney ; the topic of sharing is “An animal-assisted narrative journey for youth with social withdrawal experiences in Hong Kong”.

The theme of the 27th Conference was “Animals in Our Lives: Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Human–Animal Interactions”. The project team felt honored to share the practice of YDIF with the conference participants such as the world’s leading scholars, academics, and professionals.

Prof. Victor Wong, Dr Sharon Leung, Mr. Jack Chiu, and Ms. Debbie Ngai got ready for presenting the research findings of Project YOU CAN.
The team conducted its presentation on the third day of the Conference. Dr. Sharon Leung shared the research findings on Project YOU CAN with participants; she also introduced how to adopt animal-assisted therapy and narrative practice as the intervention methods when helping youth with social withdrawal behavior in their career and life planning.
After the presentation, participants recognized the outcome of Project YOU CAN.
The team participated in other sessions to learn more about the situation in other places.
Prof. Victor Wong, Dr. Sharon Leung, and Mr. Jack Chiu took photos at the University of Sydney. The photos not only recorded the smooth presentation given, but also serves as an energiser in boosting their confidence in continuing the dissemination of CLAP’s work in the future.
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