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“Own Your Life” Young Mothers’ CLP Support Services

 “Own Your Life” Young Mothers’ CLP Support Services are specially designed for young mothers aged 15 – 21 by the DST of YWCA. Young mothers or mothers-to-be are welcome to join the two specialized programmes under the services, namely “Own Your Life: Baby and Post-Natal Mother Care Service” and “Card Gain Mama”, for breaking through the constraints and searching for a brighter future.


The programme “Own Your Life: Baby and Post-Natal Mother Care Service” is launched with the cooperation of Continuing Education Department, YWCA. Experienced and professional post-natal care helpers will offer a total of six days of on-site post-natal service to new mothers, with each session lasting four hours. The helpers will assist and teach new mothers the skills of feeding, burping, bathing, and changing diapers for their babies, as well as teach how to sanitise baby bottles and take good care of the new-borns. As applications have to be submitted two months before baby delivery, social workers will provide services to the mothers-to-be in the areas of self-understanding, career assessment, and CLP counselling for the time being to get them ready for a change in identity.


“Card Gain Mama” is specially designed to accommodate the qualification that service users have attained and the flexibility that they have longed for due to family constraints. Young mothers are expected to have work opportunities and income through personal sales or via online platforms. It is also hoped that the new identity of “Interest Group Assistant” being built up could help them to look for a job or placement.

The DST observed that this group of young mothers did not have much time for taking care of themselves and their own feelings as a result of looking after their children and family.  Launching the “Own Your Life” Young Mothers’ CLP Support Services is thus taken as an initiative to give young mothers the time and space for relaxation through games and learning on a group basis; it also aims at strengthening their network by promoting mutual support and encouragement among themselves.

Young mothers were learning post-natal care knowledge.
Young mothers were joining the markets by selling some accessories.
The poster of Card Gain Mama
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