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2017 Review of 「新森態.手作隊」(the DST of YWCA)

It has been a year since the「新森態.手作隊」was established by the DST of YWCA. With the aim of gathering a group of young people who are interested in DIY or are highly creative, the DST has provided a training platform for arranging visits to handicraft fair and creative market, organizing sharing by other handcrafters and even inviting them to operate stall in handicraft fair. It is believed that through the various activities, youth participants can explore their personal interests and expertise so as to start planning for their future.

“One year has passed, and we have tried many new things and gained lots of life experiences. We learned different DIY elements, visited different types of markets, met a number of professional handcrafters to understand their ups and downs in achieving their personal goals, and the most important was, we have successfully set-up a stall in a handmade market”, a participant shared her experience.

These DIY experiences made the life of the youth a bit different in 2017. In 2018, apart from continuing learning new DIY skills, they also hope to become volunteers to teach other people about DIY. They determine to learn teaching and communicating skills, so as to enhance their personal qualities, hoping to provide professional DIY classes to other service users.

The participants focused on learning the art of handwriting
Young people learned how to make their own soap, felted wool and pottery on site.
The young people visited Tim Burton’s exhibition and Zine and Print Fest
The young people were paying close attention during the workshop
First time organizing DIY workshop
DIY team introduced the team activities and taught how to make weave bracelet
DIY products sold in handicraft market (from left to right): Natural body scrub, Natural insect repellents, Accessories
The young people couldn’t wait to start their DIY business!
Young people felt satisfied about their stall operation experience
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