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“Unveiling the Secrets of Chinchilla Caretaking”

The programme “Chinchilla Caretaker Exploration” was organised by the DST of BGCA in November 2017. The event had attracted many young people who are interested in animal care to join, including Ting and Yiu, and they all learned about the values and working attitudes that an animal caretaker should have by joining the programme. “Animal caretaker has to be caring, patient, and attentive to details at all times as they are the gatekeepers of the health of pets and are responsible for creating a healthy and comfortable environment for them!” said by Ting. Yiu echoed with Ting by saying, “It is only through the programme that I learnt food can have fatal impacts on animals’ health. I guess keeping animals healthy is a belief that a professional caretaker should and would hold.”

It is also by joining the “Small Animal Caretaker Internship Programme”, Ting and Yiu got the opportunity to work as an animal caretaker trainee to help clean up and sweep the shelters of chinchillas and other small animals. They also had a deeper understanding towards the characteristics, living habits, food restrictions, and health conditions of a variety of small animals including chinchilla, hamster, rabbit, guinea pig and golden hamster. “The primary task of a caretaker is to keep a clean, comfortable, safe, and healthy environment which promotes the growth of animals, the professional knowledge and skills regarding caretaking are also indispensable”, said by the two trainees. They hope to continue their learning and development in animal-related industry by participating in volunteer services and paid work and can’t wait to put the knowledge and skills learnt into practice.

The BGCA Career and Life Adventure Planning Service Team (Kowloon East) is going to organise a life-career development activity, namely “Unveiling the Secrets of Chinchilla Caretaking” for young people to understand and experience the job duties of an animal caretaker, as well as to help those who are interested in the industry to deepen their knowledge and understanding towards it, so as to explore the possibilities of multiple pathways ahead.

Programme Content:

  • Chinchilla Pet Hotel Visit and Sharing Session
  • Chinchilla Caretaker Sharing Session
  • Q&A Session on Caretaking of Small Animals (Chinchilla, Hamster, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, and Golden Hamster)
  • Caretaker Training and Internship Programme
  • Constant Recruitment of “Future Caretaker”

Special thanks to:
Peony Chan
Winkie Ng
Person-in-charge: Mr Suen
Inquiry: 3692 4470


Young people were learning the tips of taking care of small pets.
The trainees visited the Chinchilla Pet Hotel and took part in a sharing session.
Two youth participants joined the “Small Animal Caretaking and Internship Programme”.
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