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剛於2016 年中學文憑試畢業的阿焦、阿樺及阿珊正在尋覓出路之際,接觸到「賽馬會鼓掌‧創你程計劃」社工,並首次參加花藝製作班。



而阿樺在製作保鮮花時表現得最投入,在完成花藝創作班後更不斷鑽研技術,將所學的教授別人。她曾兩次在招聘展中教授超過 50人做花藝,初學者在其悉心教導下也很快「上手」。原本性格害羞的阿樺對陌生人的焦慮也減低了,更願意接受實習記者訪問。她說:「我以前唔會同陌生人傾偈,因為有好多莫名嘅恐懼同焦慮,但經歷半年嘅生涯規劃活動之後,開始建立起信心同正面嘅信念,依家有勇氣同陌生人傾偈。」




Three teenagers build confidence through floral design
Ah Jill, "Wish I could flourish like preserved flowers."

While exploring the way forward after taken the 2016 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE), Ah Jill, Ah Wah and Ah Shan joined CLAP for Youth @ JC programme and learnt floral design for the first time.

At first, Ah Jill thought that floral design was tedious and boring. But after making preserved flowers under the guidance of her mentor, she got inspired during the process. "We use small stem wire to wrap around the stem of Hydrangea flowers, arrange them gently into flower pot and turn them into a beautiful floral display," she said excitedly. "Through continuous life exploration, I can enhance my wisdom, gain experiences and bloom like flowers." Despite her right arm disability, Ah Jill determines to become a social worker to help others, to unleash her potential like flowers in full bloom.

Ah Wah is the most enthusiastic one about floral design and continues further studies. She even taught over 50 participants to make preserved flowers in two career expos. This shy girl has overcome the anxiety of talking to strangers. "I was anxious in talking with strangers before. After half year of career and life adventure planning, I gain confidence and become positive. The anxiety has gone now." She said.

Another girl Ah Shan has a talent for floral design. She was encouraged by the mentor to sell her products at the street market in Tap Seac District of Macau last year. She thanks the mentor for his guidance and assistance," she accompanied me to the street market and taught me how to display products to attract customers, etc."

Ah Shan learns to work seriously, which keeps inspiring her creativity in floral design. She said with confidence: "I wish to create more floral products, such as necklaces, pins, commodities, etc."

Three young people discover their potential and develop positive attitudes through meaningful engagement, while at the same time expanding their social networks, which enable them to explore multiple career pathways.