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「一心諗住升讀毅進嘅設計High Dip(高級文憑課程),點知升唔到,都唔知點算!」寶瑩一直對藝術創作有興趣,希望將來畢業後找一份設計工作,未料夢想落空,令她感到迷惘。




Teenager treasures the internship experience in dog hotel
Po Ying: "We are young, let’s try!"

Po Ying is interested in art creation and hopes to find a design-related job after graduation. But, the path is never easy. "I have thought of studying High Diploma Yi Jin Programme (Design Studies) but failed. I felt lost in finding my way forward." she said.

Po Ying then joined CLAP for Youth @ JC programme and had the opportunity to be an animal groomer at a dog hotel for three months. She was first frightened to touch the dogs, but after the workplace training, she has overcome the fear and can now comb dogs' hair and wash their ears at ease.

"Dogs come near to me and want me to touch them. It gives me great satisfaction. I used to think myself incapable of doing this and that, but now I think why not give a try and learn."

After participating in the activity, Po Ying started to know her strength/potential and became confident in herself. She said: "I realize that I may have potential in caring for pets and other service industries as well. Besides developing my career in design, there are indeed many other options!"

Social worker Ah So said Po Ying was now more willing to get along with people and brave to find her own career pathway. For the future, Po Ying planned to study design again or develop her career in service industries such as retail.